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Telecommuting ? the pros and cons of working from home



 Some people may be against telecommuting but I am for telecommuting for the following three reasons.
 The first reason is that it can save time and money to commute. Moreover car is polluting but if the number of people who are telecommuting increases, it is good for the environment and it will also alleviate traffic congestion and a commuting rush. Furthermore, it is wasting of time to spend on commuting. However telecommuting can help us to cut the waste of time.
 The second reason is that people can do much better job in a relaxed atmosphere than under strict supervision or in a noisy office. I think many people misunderstand just a turbulent office as a lively office. But at home we can more concentrate on work.
 The final reason is that elderly people and handicapped people can broaden their business activities. The number of these people with high technical skills is increasing however it is hard for them to commute everyday because of their health. But now that telecommuting is available, they can have more job opportunities. This is a real benefit.
 As I mentioned, for the aforesaid three reasons, I am for telecommuting.