Science & Technology 15


Pet robots vs. pet animals



 Some people may prefer pet robots to pet animals, but I really prefer pet animals to pet robots.
 The first reason is that they can be good companions for people. Many pet dogs are making a living just by showing affection to people. This fact shows that they can be really good companions for people.
 The second reason is that they calm us. Some research has proved that pet owners live longer lives. That is one reason that they allow dogs and cats into nursing homes.
 The third reason is that taking care of animals leads to the development of people’s character. Taking care of animals can even help reform juvenile delinquents.
 The final reason is that pets can teach the importance of life to people, especially to children. I am afraid that pet robots may lead people to belittle the importance of life because pet robots do not have life and they are much easier to throw away. However, on the contrary, pet animals teach the importance of life to people.
 As I mentioned, for the aforesaid four reasons, I really prefer pet animals to pet robots.