Science & Technology 13


The future of robots in daily life



 I think there are a lot of ways in which robots can benefit our daily life.
 Firstly, they serve as a medicine dispensing robot. In this aging society, medical workforce shortage is a part of a worldwide phenomenon, under the circumstances the medicine dispensing robot will be a real benefit because it can alleviate the shortage. Moreover, it dramatically reduces the number of human errors that can jeopardize a patient’s health. As medical human error has serious consequences, the precision of robots is a real help to eliminate human errors. What’s more, it frees up nurses to spend more time on patients care. Therefore medicine dispensing robot can surely improve hospital care.
 Secondly, they serve as a surgeon robot. Recently robotic surgery has been developed so that doctors can do minimally invasive surgery. The robotic operation is more precise than conventional surgery and it allows a patient to return to normal activities much more quickly. Moreover remote surgery has been made possible so that doctors will be able to operate on patients anywhere around the world. As space exploration has been developed, remote surgery will play an important role. For example, it might allow a doctor on earth to perform surgery on an astronaut in space. This is a real benefit.
 As I mentioned, I think robots can really benefit our daily life in the future.