Science & Technology 12


Will renewable energy sources completely replace fossil fuels?



 Now we need to find other more efficient and eco-friendly way for power generation. And I think the best way is to use the power of nature because it does not cause pollution and one day, they may completely replace fossil fuels.
 Firstly, we can use solar energy and wind energy. Although they are inefficient now, with technical improvement, we will be able to use them efficiently.
 Secondly, we can use geothermal energy. Although it can only be used in parts of the world where there is enough heat in the earth, since Japan has a lot of volcanoes and high technology, Japan should use geothermal power.
 Finally, we can use magmatic energy in the future. Although it is said that it will take at least 50 years until it can be used effectively, according to some research if it is achieved, it will supply about three times as much as the demand for electric power of the whole country of Japan.
 As I mentioned, if we can effectively use them especially magmatic energy, they will be able to completely replace fossil fuels and we will be able to ensure a reliable power supply some day.