Science & Technology 09


High technology and Japan’s future



 I would like to mention two ways to improve Japan’s future with high technology.
 The first way is home schooling. I think education is one of the most important keys to Japan’s future but education in Japan destroys children’s individuality and ability to think for themselves. Meanwhile home schooling can help them to harness their potential to its full extent. Moreover invalid or handicapped children can receive education more easily. Some people may say that it will decrease interactions with other people however if parents teach children how to communicate and give them enough opportunities to interact with others it will not decrease their ability to communicate effectively. This is a real benefit especially for modern society where there is more value being placed on individual ability.
 The second way is to develop geothermal energy technology. Now that the rising price of oil is a very serious problem and burning fossil fuel is highly polluting and nuclear power generation poses serious problems like a radiation leak and nuclear waste disposal and Japan has a lot of volcanoes and high technology, Japan should use geothermal power. If we succeed to use it, we can get eco-friendly electric power and this is a real benefit to both the economy and the environment.
 As I mentioned, the aforesaid two ways can improve Japan’s future dramatically.