Science & Technology 08


The pros and cons of online shopping



 Some people are against online shopping but personally I am for online shopping for the following three reasons.
 Firstly, it saves time and transportation costs for shopping. Thanks to online shopping, you don’t have to spend much time and money on long drive or train ride. It surely helps you to save time and money.
 Secondly, it is very convenient, especially for elderly people, not to have to go shopping in a crowd, waiting in line, and carry heavy shopping bags around. Often shopping within a mall or department store can become such a hassle but thanks to online shopping, you can purchase an item with just a simple click of a mouse at home. You can stay within the comfort of your home and get almost anything you want on the Internet.
 Finally, it gives consumers a wider variety of choice. Often you cannot find rare items, like foreign books, in ordinary offline stores but you can get those rare items on the Internet. Moreover there are items which are called “online only items”. Some retailers offer the items only to those who purchase specific items online.
 As I mentioned, for the aforesaid three reasons, I am for online shopping.


ちなみにこの二つ目の理由は、How can the Internet change people’s lives?の二つ目の理由とほぼ一緒です。