Science & Technology 03


The pros and cons of genetic engineering
The ethics of science in the age of genetic engineering



 I think it all depends on the situation. I mean I am for genetic engineering for medical purposes because trying to develop medical technology is ethically correct but I am against genetic engineering for food because it is ethically wrong.
 When it comes to genetic engineering for medical purposes, it can save thousands of lives. For instance, genetic engineering can cure hereditary diseases such as Huntington's disease, genetic mutation, because the cause of these diseases is genetic abnormality, and genetic engineering can prevent them. Some may say that it is against natural providence but all kinds of animals are trying to survive. So there is absolutely nothing wrong with trying to develop medical technology.
 As for genetic engineering for food, it can pose great health risks to human beings. Trying to develop technology that may have dangerous consequences is ethically wrong. Genetic engineering for food is not clear what the effects are. We still don’t know how harmful it is. On top of that, once some genes from some plant were placed into groundnuts. People who are allergic to this plant could actually die consuming these groundnuts. Luckily people found out before they were sold into the market. There are many more harmful effects.
 As I mentioned above, I am for genetic engineering for medical purposes but I am against genetic engineering for food.