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The advantages and disadvantages of hosting the Olympics



 I believe that there are advantages and disadvantages to hosting the Olympics and different people have different ideas about hosting the Olympics. Now I would like to show you some advantages of hosting the Olympics.
 Firstly, it is a great opportunity to let the rest of the world learn about host countries. Because the Olympics are a showcase. As the games entail public scrutiny, hosting the Olympics can be a way of showing the rest of the world the economic strength and acceptance of host countries into the global community. Furthermore with becoming the center of the world’s attention, the number of tourists increases.
 Secondly, it encourages investment in the infrastructure of host countries. For example, hosting the Olympics usually needs major upgrades to the transportation system of host countries. An improvement of transportation facilities alleviate congestion and augment local business.
 Finally, it requires innumerable temporary workers while building venues for the Olympics Games. These temporary jobs have good influence on the local economy.
 In conclusion, letting the rest of the world know about host countries and the increase in the number of tourists and temporary workers and the improvement of the infrastructure lead to a boost in economic growth in host countries.