Philosophy of Life 09


The importance of music in people’s lives



 As I am a huge fan of music, I believe it is important in people’s lives in many ways. Now I would like to mention the importance.
 Firstly, music is simply fun. A lot of people enjoy it in daily life. Some people like to sing and other people enjoy listening to music every day. Music certainly enriches people’s lives
 Secondly, music is a huge industry. Although the number of CD sales has been decreasing dramatically, music is still a huge industry and has significant effects on the economy, and consequently on people’s lives.
 Finally, it is validated that certain music has many beneficial effects on human brain. Some type of music makes human brain to emit alpha waves. When a human brain is emitting alpha waves, it secretes a hormone called beta endorphin which has a great relaxing effect and reduces stress substantially, and increases concentration, and enhances immune system. Moreover, upbeat cheerful music gives people energy. Even many famous professional athletes listen to music before important sport events to get more concentrated and energized.
 In conclusion, I believe that the aforementioned things are the major importance of music in people’s lives.