Philosophy of Life 08


When should a person be considered mature?



 I believe there is no need to define an adult for the following three reasons.
 The first reason is that legal adulthood varies and is inconsistent around the world. For example, in some country a person can drink alcoholic beverages at any age while a person cannot drink until at the age of 25 in other country. Moreover, in some country a person can smoke at the age of 16 while at the age of 24 in other country.
 The second reason is that people are all different. Some people grow up fast and other people grow up slowly. It is unreasonable to consider a certain age as an adult as if people were all the same. The government should realize that people are all different and everything is "to each their own".
 The third reason is that it is unreasonable not to punish juvenile criminals as severely as adults just because they are minors. This is one of the worst effects of defining an adult. No matter how old they are, people should take all responsibilities for their own actions.
 In conclusion, for the aforementioned three reasons, I believe there is no need to define an adult.