Philosophy of Life 06


The importance of religion in people’s lives



 Although many people put importance in religion, I do not see much importance in it and I believe people should not believe in a religion so devoutly for the following three reasons.
 Firstly, when it comes to moral values or ethics, there is no such thing right or wrong although every religion thinks they are right and the rest are wrong. Moral values and ethics are not scientific facts but just opinions, and opinions vary according to each individual’s sense of values and there is no correct answer.
 Secondly, it begets terrorism and war. Many terrorist actions and wars are attributed to religion and many human lives were killed due to religion.
 Thirdly, in order to lead a happy life, it is essential to establish one’s own philosophy of life instead of believing a specific religion because everything is to each his or her own. Different people find happiness in different things and different people have different purpose of life.
 Of course, there is nothing wrong with believing a religion as long as one respects different religions and never resorts to terrorism and wars. However, I do not see the importance and I believe people should not believe in a religion so devoutly for the aforementioned three reasons.


Longman Dictionary Onlineで「religion」を引くと、
a belief in one or more gods
また、「god」をLongman Dictionary Onlineで引くと、
the spirit or being who Christians, Jews, Muslims etc pray to, and who they believe created the universe