Philosophy of Life 04


My views on the proverb “Honesty is the best policy”



 I believe in the proverb, “Honesty is the best policy” for the following three reasons.
 Firstly, being honest does not mean saying everything one thinks. Honesty is telling the truth and truth is a fact, and one’s opinion is not a fact.
 Secondly, whether it is good or bad to tell the truth is something judged not by one who tells the truth but by the one who will be told the truth. For example, some research shows that as many as 89% of cancer patients who are told the truth said they were glad to be told the truth. Therefore it is better to tell the truth even when one thinks it is better left unsaid.
 Thirdly, it is best to accept the fact even if it is cruel because it is important to know the current situation correctly. People say that telling the truth may devastate some people, however no matter what the fact is, how to react to the fact totally depends on people. Of course some people dwell on the negativity. However, other people see trouble as an opportunity and overcome the predicament and make a great progress.
 As I mentioned, for the aforesaid three reasons, I believe in the proverb, “Honesty is the best policy”.