Philosophy of Life 01


Characteristics of a good leader



 Although there are a lot of characteristics of a good leader and different people have different opinions about it, I believe that there are the following four major characteristics of a good leader.
 The first characteristic is that a good leader has a lot of abilities. A person without it can never head a team. Nobody will respect such a person either. So it is indispensable and the most important skill.
 The second characteristic is that a good leader has the ability of foresight. Without it, it is very difficult to succeed, especially in business. So it is a vital skill too.
 The third characteristic is that a good leader is always considerate to others. They are always taking great care of everybody and always grateful for others. Many people adore such a person.
 The last characteristic is that a good leader has confidence in their staff and they can delegate efficiently, which encourages their staff. It is very exhilarating to work under such a leader.
 As I mentioned above, I believe that a good leader requires the aforesaid abilities, the ability of foresight, compassion, and confidence in their staff.