Politics & International Relations 26


Ethnic problems in the world



 Ethnic problems in the world are always a controversial topic and there are many kinds of them. However, in any case, I believe there are three primary ways to eradicate these problems altogether.
 The first way is learning how to heal the past because bad memories haunt people and lead some of them to resort to prejudice and racism. Moreover history, which is the past and memory, impedes amicable relationships between countries.
 The second way is learning how to respect different opinions because most conflicts occur when two groups both insist that they are right and the other is wrong. People should realize that there is no such thing as right or wrong when it comes to opinions.
 The third way is learning how to wake up from brainwashing because almost all kinds of prejudice and racism come from it. People should learn not to judge other people based on race, appearance, their past memories, common sense, what they are told about them by the government and the media. We are all human beings before we are of one race or another. We are all from the earth before we are from one nation or another.
 In conclusion, as I mentioned, whatever the problems are, we can solve them by learning how to heal the past, and respect different opinions, and wake up from brainwashing.