Politics & International Relations 25


Is there a need for US military presence in Asia?



 Since the US military in Japan is the largest scale of those in Asian countries, I would like to talk about Japan as representative of Asian countries, and I believe there are so many problems that US military should not be present in Japan.
 Firstly, US military bases cause so much pollution such as incessant noise from airplanes, plane and helicopter crash, destruction of coral reefs, deforestation by defoliant, and so on. This is unforgivable because the earth is not only for human beings.
 Secondly, soldiers committed many violent crimes and rapes, and the perpetrators have not been punished as strictly as Japanese criminals because American soldiers, even felons, are protected by U.S. - Japan Status of Forces Agreement. Unless American soldiers in Japan are punished by Japanese law, the number of crimes by American soldiers will not decrease, and thus US military force should not be present.
 Finally, Japan is not a colony of the United States, but an independent country, and it renounces to wage war and declares not to use military forces as means to solve international disputes. Therefore the US military presence is totally against Japanese pacifist principle.
 In conclusion, for these aforementioned reasons, US military presence is not necessary in Asia.