Politics & International Relations 24


Are war and violence an inseparable part of society?



 I believe that war and violence can be separable from society in the following four ways.
 The first way is to provide all the people in the world with great mental education to manage their emotions well because many acts of violence occur often when someone fail to control their negative emotions.
 The second way is to eradicate poverty from the world because poverty has a great deal to do with violence. Often impoverished people have no choice but to resort to violence to survive.
 The third way is to create the new world which is neither capitalism nor communism but a completely new society in which everyone can live peacefully without money and control from the government because many wars are waged by extreme capitalists or extreme communists and neither doesn't work.
 The fourth way is to teach all the people in the world how important to have something to be enthusiastic about because many of those who don’t have it tend to seek a sense of belonging and their identity by having the common enemy, and thus fights break out.
 In conclusion, in the aforementioned four ways, I believe that war and violence can be separable from society.


3つ目は、共産主義でも資本主義でもない新しい世界を築く事 - 資本主義も共産主義も両方、戦争の原因になるため。
4つ目は、世界中の人に、夢中になれるものを見つける事の重要さを説く事 - 夢中になれるものがない人の多くは、共通の敵を持つことで、身内意識や自己のアイデンティティーを見出し、それが争いにつながるため。