Politics & International Relations 22


Is world peace a remote possibility?



 I believe that world peace can be achieved if we can eliminate poverty, and all the people learn how to heal bad memories and overcome inferiority complex, how to overcome fear, how to wake up from brainwashing.
 Firstly, there is no doubt that poverty is one of the main causes of crime and war. Therefore, eliminating poverty greatly facilitates world peace.
 Secondly, dictators slaughter people in attempt to banish bad memories and overcome inferiority complex. They should realize that killing people is never the remedy, and learn how to heal their past.
 Thirdly, some countries succumb to fear and take a threatening attitude towards other countries in the name of self-defense. They should realize that acting out of fear will never release fear from them, and learn how to overcome it.
 Fourthly, many people have been brainwashed by common sense, religious ideas, moral and ethical ideas, and so on. Fights break out when two brainwashed groups both insist that they are right and the other is wrong. They should realize that their beliefs are not truth but just opinions and there is no such thing right or wrong as for opinions, and learn how to respect different beliefs.
 In conclusion, I do not believe that world peace is a remote possibility because it can be achieved if the aforementioned things are solved.


Can terrorism ever be eliminated?では、世界平和の実現に否定的な意見を書いたので、今回は、肯定的な意見を書いてみました。