Politics & International Relations 20


The future of the United Nations



 I believe that the provision of great mental education is the key to the future of the United Nations to achieve world peace because every conflict is attributed to lack of mental education.
 For example, some dictators slaughter people to try to banish their inferiority complex. Some countries succumb to fear and play hardball just as to protect their own interests. Some people think they are always right and force their opinions on other people without realizing that there is no such thing as right or wrong. A lot of terrorism and racism and random acts of violence are based on ignorance and misconception.
 These things can be solved altogether if all the people in the world receive great mental education and will learn to heal bad memories, and overcome fear, and respect different opinions, and wake up from brainwash, and deal with their negative emotions well.
 Technology has been developing dramatically however people’s mentality has not. I believe this is the very reason for today’s desolated world. Hence the provision of great mental education is the most important thing which the United Nations should implement in the future. Needles to say the mental education should not be brainwash but the truth of how the brain works and how the universe works.