Politics & International Relations 18


The threat of international terrorism



 I believe the reasons why international terrorism is such a menace are twofold as follows.
 The first reason is that it is extremely difficult to prevent it completely. It is so much easier to attack than to protect. Attackers can execute their actions, anytime, anywhere, as long as the preparation is done. This arbitrariness of terrorism makes it extremely difficult to prevent. However, terrorism needs its preparation. Therefore, it is imperative to prevent their actions while they are still in preparation stage.
 The second reason is that the effect is devastating. It can kill countless numbers of innocent people in a matter of second. Moreover, the aftereffect is disastrous. Even if the event is finished, a lot of people, especially victims and their family members, will suffer from great sadness and fear after attacks. Furthermore, the country attacked by terrorism is likely to take revenge. Thus, Violence begets violence, war begets war. In order to stop this vicious circle, we must find a peaceful solution to international disputes.
 To sum up, as I mentioned, I believe the major threats of international terrorism are that it is extremely difficult to prevent it completely and the effect is devastating.