Politics & International Relations 17


Should Japan strictly protect the “peace” constitution?



 I strongly believe that Japan should strictly protect the peace constitution for the two following reasons.
 The first reason is that we should know better than to make the same mistake again and again. Japan is the only country which has been attacked by atomic bombs and countless numbers of Japanese people were killed by them. Even now, some people are still suffering from the aftereffect of atomic bombs. Japan should learn an important lesson from this experience and must disseminate the danger to the world by abiding by the peace constitution in order to prevent the same disaster from occurring.
 The second reason is that the peace constitution facilitates world peace which is one of the most important international issues as Mr. Barack Obama, the President of the United States, has made the speech of “the world without nuclear weapons”. If all the country will pledge to never wage war again, and the world will somehow find peaceful solutions to any conflicts between countries, religions, ideologies and so on, world peace will be materialized. Therefore, actually it is the first step to world peace that countries try to establish the peace constitution.
 For the aforementioned two reasons, I strongly believe that Japan should strictly protect the peace constitution.