Politics & International Relations 16


Can Japan be called a democratic society?



 I believe that the answer is partly yes, and partly no.
 As for the “yes” part, Japan is democratic because people can elect its government officials. This is the main definition of democracy. However, there are a lot of questionable points in this. For example, there have been many corrupt practices in Japanese elections. If elections are rigged, it cannot be called democratic. Therefore, officially, Japan is a democratic society in terms of the election, but actually it is doubtful.
 When it comes to the “no” part, Japan is too bureaucratic to be called a democratic society. Bureaucrats have too much power in Japan so that politicians cannot do anything as long as it is inconvenient to bureaucrats. Since it is the people who choose the politicians if the election is fair, this means that people cannot make any political change unless the change is convenient to bureaucrats. This is far from democracy.
 In conclusion, I believe that in terms of election, Japan can be called a democratic society if there is no rigging. However, aside from this, Japan is not a democratic society but a bureaucratic one.