Politics & International Relations 15


How have recent leadership changes affected Japanese politics?



 I believe that recent leadership changes affected Japanese politics in two primary ways.
 Firstly, the diplomacy changed. A change in the government is a change in the diplomacy because the different parties have different ideologies and different foreign policies. Therefore it effects on diplomatic relations.
 Secondly, recent frequent leadership changes alienated the public even more. The prime minister has been replaced so often that the dignity of the prime minister has been deteriorated, which aggravates the public's distrust of the government, and consequently it affects the politics badly because the public’s support is essential. This has showed the incapability of politicians and the public believes that there is no politician who has great leadership skills and is capable of leading the country. On top of that, no matter how capable the new leader is, in a bureaucratic society such as Japan, the new leader cannot do anything they want even if the changes are good to the people because bureaucrats have too much power and they resist changes which are inconvenient to them.
 In conclusion, I believe that recent leadership changes affected Japanese politics in the aforementioned two ways.