Politics & International Relations 14


Should all political leaders be chosen directly by the public?



 I believe that all political leaders should be chosen directly by the public for the two following reasons.
 Firstly, it disseminates patriotism and a spirit of cooperation. Oppression only creates resistance. However, by giving the people opportunities to think and discuss about their countries with others, the people will have a sense of belonging and pride in their countries.
 Secondly, it gives the people freedom. In many communist countries in which the people cannot elect their leaders, there is no freedom such as the freedom of speech, religion, business, and so on. Communist countries just oppress the people and sometimes treat them inhumanely. Considering this, freedom is one of the biggest advantages of democracy.
 However, in this system, the majority oppresses the minority no matter what. Therefore if the majority is brainwashed by ruthless dictators or detrimental concepts, it will have devastating effect on the country and its people. Hence the people in this system should always consider the possibility that sometimes the minority opinion can be better than that of the majority.
 In conclusion, as long as the majority respects the minority and vice-versa, all political leaders should be chosen directly by the public for the aforementioned two reasons.


上では、理由を2つという形にしましたが、本論の3つ目の段落は、「However〜」と始めるのではなく、「Thirdly, some people say that + 起こりえる反論」と始めたから、「常に注意すれば最悪の事態は防げる」等と書いて、起こりえる反論の反論を、3つ目の理由として使う事も出来ます。