Politics & International Relations 10


The spread of nuclear weapons



 Since the World War II, the spread of nuclear weapons is always a controversial topic and I believe that there are two reasons behind this as follows.
 The first reason is that some people ram their opinions down other people’s throats. This is one of the most significant causes of any conflict. Except facts, there is no such thing as right or wrong. There are just different points of view. Unfortunately, some people do not realize this and some of them force their beliefs on other people and consequently, fights break out. Hence, it becomes imperative for these people to retain weapons to insist their opinions.
 The second reason is that people are brainwashed by today’s competitive society. As the world has been industrialized, people have been taught to compete against each other in order to make products and profits faster than others. Some countries have been competing against each other by developing nuclear weapons faster than others. Then, as the number of countries with nuclear weapons has been increasing, some countries have become competitive too or succumbed to fear, and maintain nuclear weapons in the name of self-defense.
 In conclusion, I believe that the causes of spread of nuclear weapons are that some people ram their opinions down other people’s throats and people are brainwashed by competitive society.


核兵器については、Obstacles to nuclear disarmamentWhy nuclear weapons are not completely banned?でも書いていて、同じような内容にならないようにするのが大変でした笑