Politics & International Relations 08


Obstacles to nuclear disarmament



 I believe there are two primary obstacles to nuclear disarmament.
 The first obstacle is capitalism. Some people give precedence to money even over human lives. For example, if a lot of uranium 238 is found in some country, some people will try to take advantage of it to make money even at the expense of war. Hence we must establish the world in which money does not exist and everyone can do what they like, anytime, anywhere.
 The second reason is lack of mental education. When people are overwhelmed by fear, people get aggressive. Unless the world stops being afraid, some countries will never give up nuclear weapons. However, if all the people in all the countries have been taught to manage their negative feelings well, there will be no need to fight, and consequently, we will not need any weapons including nuclear armaments. Therefore there is a crying need for great mental education so that all the people in the world become able to control their negative emotions well and to heal bad memories and to overcome inferiority complex, and to always choose love over fear.
 As I mentioned above, I believe there are the aforesaid two primary obstacles to nuclear disarmament.