Politics & International Relations 03


Should Japan play a strong international role?



 I don’t think Japan should play a strong international role for the two following reasons.
 The first reason is that Japan has a lot of serious domestic problems. For example, as the number of elderly people has been increasing and the birth rate has been declining, the public burden of pension premium and medical cost has been increasing. Moreover as the number of juvenile delinquencies has been increasing, public safety is threatened. Under the circumstances, Japan should tackle these serious domestic problems first instead of playing a strong international role.
 The second reason is that Japan cannot make a military contribution because of its constitution, which means that it is inevitable for Japan to retain the status quo. I think Japan should keep to its pacifist principles as a key section of the constitution, Article 9, renounces the right to maintain a military force and wage war. It cannot and should not contribute armed forces to the United Nations’ international peacekeeping efforts.
 As I mentioned, for the aforementioned two reasons, I don’t think Japan should play a strong international role.


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