Mass Media 13


Newspapers as an information source



 Recently, the number of people who subscribe newspapers has been decreasing and this trend is getting stronger and stronger so that newspapers are no longer an information source which just tells what happened. Now I would like to make two suggestions about what newspapers should be like in the near future.
 The first suggestion is that newspapers should be safety guidance for everyday life instead of just telling what happened in the world. Newspapers cannot inform people about the news faster than TV or the Internet. Moreover, TV and the Internet do not provide enough instructions what to do in each circumstance. Considering this, it is extremely useful if newspapers can tell people about possible dangers in everyday life and focus more on how to deal with them effectively.
 The second suggestion is that newspapers should be like textbooks for happy life. On the Internet and TV programs, some are just spreading negativity and there are a lot of abusive comments and badmouthing by users or TV commentators. Furthermore, people have been being more and more interested in mental health. In these circumstances, it is really likely for newspapers to prosper if they can lead the readers to a much happier life.
 In conclusion, for the aforementioned reasons, I believe the newspaper should be safety guidance and like textbooks for happy life instead of just telling what happened.