Mass Media 11


What should good TV programs be like?



 Although the concept of “good” is a subjective opinion so that it depends on each individual what TV programs are good, I personally believe that there are three characteristics of good TV programs.
 The first characteristic is to broadcast the truth because many people use TV as a means to getting information and programs which broadcast the truth fill the people’s need.
 The second characteristic is to make one feel happier. I personally believe that the most important and only thing which one should do in one’s life, or to put it in another way the meaning of life, is to be happy so that if some program makes one feel happier than before watching it, it can be called “good” programs.
 The third characteristic is to make one lose track of time. Some survey reported that people find happiness when they are absolutely absorbed in something and lose track of time. Programs which are intriguing enough to make people lose track of time can certainly be called good works.
 In conclusion, although what is good and what is not totally depend on each individual, I personally believe that these are the characteristics of good TV programs.