Mass Media 09


Pluses and minuses of watching TV



 Nowadays almost every home has a TV and thus advantages and disadvantages of watching TV are always a controversial topic. Now I would like to mention some pluses and minuses of watching TV.
 When it comes to pluses of watching TV, firstly it can provide education. Some survey showed that children who watch TV often are more intelligent than those who don’t watch TV. Furthermore, lately there are a lot of educational programs so that people, irrespective of age, can learn something by watching TV. Moreover, when something, especially some natural disaster, happens, TV is a great means to receive information and get instructions what to do.
 When it comes to the minuses, firstly it is bad for health if one does too much. It is bad for one’s eyes to stare the screen for long hours. On top of that, one may be brainwashed by the media by watching TV. Constant exposure to something has great impact on human brain so that one can be mind-controlled by the media.
 In conclusion, as long as one is careful not to watch TV too much so as not to destroy their health and not to take what TV says at face value, watching TV has its benefits.