Mass Media 08


How will the Internet change the mass media



 I believe that the Internet will change the mass media in two primary ways.
 Firstly, the more the Internet propagates, the less people read the newspaper so that the newspaper has to change to meet the need of people more. Since people can get the information on a real time basis on the Internet, the number of people who subscribe the newspaper has been decreasing. Therefore, the newspaper has to change to keep the business going. However, although this may be a tough challenge, this is also a great opportunity for the newspaper to ameliorate the service dramatically.
 Secondly, similarly to the newspaper, the number of people who watch the TV has been decreasing so that the TV world has to change. Without the TV, people can enjoy videos on websites such as YouTube or enjoy more interesting things on the Internet so that one does not have to watch the TV. Hence it is imperative for the TV world to change. However, the same way to the newspaper, this is a great opportunity for the TV to enhance the service dramatically because a problem is an opportunity to improve.
 In conclusion, the Internet changes the mass media by giving the opportunities to develop the service of the newspaper and TV.