Mass Media 06


Impacts of advertising on consumers



 Now that advertisements are everywhere and the effects can be both good and bad. Now I would like to mention some advantages and disadvantages of impacts of advertising on consumers.
 As for advantages, consumers can get a lot of information just by watching advertisements without financial cost. They can get information about various products and companies and so on. Moreover without enough advertising, people just don’t notice the products which can enrich their life with. It is a shame to not know many great products in the world. Furthermore some advertisements have interesting contents and beneficial information on them.
 When it comes to disadvantages, some advertisements have bad effects on consumers. Some may have dangerous subliminal messages and others unreasonably make people nervous so as to make people buy the products. On top of that, unconscious exposure to advertisement can brainwash people. As some dictators successfully brainwashed many people by constant exposure to the public, social conditioning could be dangerously effective.
 In conclusion, people should be careful to not be controlled in a bad way by advertisements, and advertising industry should have high moral principles to not harm people so that we can develop and enjoy a healthy advertising culture.