Mass Media 05


The moral and ethics of the mass media



 These days the moral and ethics of the mass media are deteriorating, and I believe that the government should reform the mass media in the following three ways.
 Firstly, the mass media should respect people’s privacy because it is an encroachment on human rights. They should stop reporting famous people’s private life. Moreover, it is unreasonable to broadcast private information of crime victims over and over again while the photos and names of juvenile criminals are kept secret.
 Secondly, the mass media should stop spreading negativity. The newspaper and TV news are insanely inundated with negativity. The mass media should spread positivity and make people’s life better instead of overly dwelling on negativity and unreasonably making people nervous and worried.
 Finally, the mass media should unveil the corruption of influential people. We should eradicate the abuse of power and authority. Since the first thing the mass media should do is inform people with the truth, they should broadcast the truth and not allow the truth to be suppressed by authorities.
 As I mentioned, I sincerely hope that the government will reform the corrupt mass media in the three ways.