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The causes and effects of anxiety disorder



 When it comes to causes, there are three major factors of anxiety disorder.
 Firstly, heredity plays a major role in anxiety disorder. Research has shown that if one identical twin has anxiety disorder, the second twin is more likely to have it than non-identical twins.
 Secondly, scientists believe that low self-esteem is closely related to anxiety disorder. Many people who suffer from anxiety disorders have low self-esteem.
 Thirdly, life experience is a major factor of anxiety disorder. Since low self-esteem has a great deal to do with it, life experience which makes people lose confidence, such as child abuse, causes anxiety disorder.
 When it comes to effect, there are two major symptoms of anxiety disorder.
 The first effect is heart disease. Some report has shown that people with anxiety disorder are at higher risk for fatal heart disease than ordinary people.
 The second effect is insomnia. Recent research has shown that chronic insomnia is a major symptom of anxiety disorder and depression and lack of sleep precipitates anxiety disorder. Therefore it is very important to break this vicious circle.
 When it comes to solution, the first thing to be done is to identify the reason because treatment entirely depends on the situation, and then to get appropriate treatment.