Medicine 18


The importance of maintaining a healthy diet
The values of health foods



 Health foods and maintaining a healthy diet are very important because there are many advantages.
 Firstly, if you keep a healthy diet like fresh fruits and vegetables, you will enjoy enhanced health and longevity. A British study has shown that people who maintain a healthy diet, exercise regularly, don’t smoke and drink little alcohol can add as many as 14 years to their lives.
 Secondly, health foods make your immune system much stronger. Health foods such as red or pink grapefruits, oranges, cranberries contain a lot of nutrients like beta carotene, vitamins C and E which have been shown to boost immune system and help fight diseases.
 Thirdly, mother’s diet during pregnancy directly affects baby’s health at birth. A study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health has shown that 95% of women who were on a healthy diet had healthy babies while only 8% of women who were on an unhealthy diet had healthy babies.
 Finally, it helps reduce stress. A healthy diet has been proven to reduce stress. Moreover reducing the intake of stimulants such as caffeine and sugar has also been scientifically proven to reduce stress.
 As I said, health foods and maintaining a healthy diet are very important for many reasons.