Medicine 17


The pros and cons of vegetarianism



 I believe this is one of choice. Those who want to eat only vegetables should be able to do so. Those who want to eat animals should be able to do so. It is wrong and unreasonable to ram their opinions down everyone else's throat because vegetarianism has both advantages and disadvantages.
 When it comes to advantages, you don’t have to kill animals. There is no need for meat in a balanced diet. All sorts of fruits, vegetables and pulses provide the variety of carbohydrates, proteins, fiber, minerals and vitamins that we need. Moreover vegetables and fruits are good for your health. Meats especially red meats clog your thinking. Excessive intake of fat and cholesterol increases cancer risk and tumor development.
 When it comes to disadvantages, a vegetarian diet is exceedingly expensive. Due to abnormal weather, the prices of vegetables have been soaring in many countries. Moreover if people do not eat any meat, it will have detrimental effect on economy. For example, many livestock dealers or fishermen and companies that deal with meat will lose their jobs. Furthermore it is natural for us, like many other animals, to kill and eat other species to survive.
 As I mentioned, vegetarianism has both advantages and disadvantages and it is unreasonable to force their opinions on everyone else.