Medicine 11


Is medical care too expensive in Japan?



 Some people say medical care is too expensive in Japan but I believe for now medical expense is much lower than other countries.
 The public health insurance system which includes the National Health Insurance and health insurance offered at workplaces is available in Japan. In some form, it is mandatory to join this system where by members pay insurance premiums in case they have some health problems. When a person with the National Health Insurance goes to hospital, the system pays part of the medical costs. You will have to pay only 30% of the medical cost and the health insurance system takes care of the rest. Moreover the ambulance is free of charge in Japan although in other countries it costs a lot. Therefore medical care in Japan is not expensive at all for now
 However as the number of elderly people increases, medical expenses are currently raising at a rapid rate. The Japanese government has begun started raising the share of medical service costs that must be charged to patients and planning to reform the health insurance system and augment health insurance premium. Under the circumstances, we must do something to stop the breakdown of the system.
 As I mentioned, for now medical expense is much lower than other countries.