Medicine 08


Should doctors tell the truth to cancer patients?



 I think doctors should tell the truth to cancer patients for the following two reasons.
 The first reason is that patients should have the right to know about their condition. Doctors should not lie to their patients and should tell the truth when patients ask doctors about their condition. Moreover even when patients’ cancer is curable if doctors make only ambiguous remarks, patients will misunderstand that their condition is critical and their disease is incurable. Therefore doctors should help patients to understand their illness and their condition correctly in order to facilitate appropriate treatments.
 The second reason is that it will give patients the chance to make the most of the rest of their life. Some research has shown that as many as 89% of cancer patients who are told the truth said they were glad to be told the truth. Some said it encourages them to fight with cancer and it allows them to choose treatments, other said struggling cancer tightens their family bond. Therefore it is good to tell the truth to patients.
 As I mentioned, for the aforementioned two reasons, I think doctors should tell the truth to cancer patients.