Medicine 07


Euthanasia: The ethical dilemma of mercy-killing



 Personally, I am a completely atheist and believe euthanasia is ethical because it is beneficial to people. However it is very difficult to decide which is right and wrong because ethics have a lot to do with religious belief therefore I would like to look at this topic objectively.
 When it comes to pros, some people believe forcing terminally ill patients to live when they want to die is morally wrong because it violates their freedom and human right. Moreover, human should have the right to have an option to leave this world painlessly and gracefully. Therefore they believe euthanasia is ethical.
 On the other hand, when it comes to cons, some people believe that euthanasia is morally wrong because it is a homicide and it cannot be rationalized under any circumstances. Moreover religious people believe that human life is sacred because it is a gift from God and believe killing people is against God’s will because only God can control life and death. Therefore they believe euthanasia is unethical.
 As I mentioned, it is very difficult to decide which is right and wrong, but as for me, I believe euthanasia is ethical.