Medicine 06


Should organ transplants be made more available in Japan?



 I think organ transplants should be made more available in Japan for the following two reasons.
 The first reason is that it will save thousands of lives. There is a serious shortage of organs in Japan. Potential recipients far outnumber donors so that often recipients have to wait for a long time and if they can find a donor, often they have to go abroad for the operation. This makes the normally difficult operations even harder because it costs a lot of time and money. However if organ transplants are made more available in Japan, they will be more likely to find donors in Japan so that it will save numerous numbers of lives.
 The second reason is that there is no need to ignore donors’ will to donate their organs. There is no reason to ban transplants if donors consent to give their organs to someone who is waiting. Because donors agree with organ transplant, recipients agree with it, doctors agree with it, all the people concerned agree with it. Moreover trying to save human lives is the right way to use technology, and we must not lose the opportunity to save lives.
 As I mentioned above, for the aforesaid two reasons, I think organ transplants should be made more available in Japan.