Medicine 05


How to increase the number of organ donors



 I think there are three ways to increase the number of organ donors.
 The first way is giving donors some incentives. If registered donors who are willing to donate their organs can get some incentives like tax exemption or health insurance, it will definitely increase the number of organ donors. It will also reduce the exploitation of poor people who sell their organs and endanger their health because they are desperate for money.
 The second way is putting organ donors’ volition on their driver’s license. Some research shows that people who carried a donor card are only about 5% of donors who actually donated organs however if their will to donate is on their driver’s license, most people will not have to carry a donor card. It is convenient so that it will increase the number of donors.
 The third way is moving from “opt-in” system to “opt-out” system. In European countries such as France, Spain, etc., there is an “opt-out” system where individuals are presumed to have consented to have their organs used for transplant unless they specifically object. Thanks to the system, those countries have high rates of organ donation. Therefore it will surely increase the number of donors.
 As I mentioned, I think the aforesaid three ways can increase the number of donors.