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Should doctors be permitted to help terminally ill patients die?



 The issue of euthanasia has been a controversial one for many years. Some people believe that mercy killing must be allowed. Other people believe that it should be banned. In my opinion, I agree that doctors should be permitted to help terminally ill patients die if they or their family want to do for the following two reasons.
 The first reason is that euthanasia can let those patients leave this world in a painless state. Not only is the physical pain intolerable, even with pain relievers, but also the emotional pain of dying is unbearable. On top of that it is extremely poignant for most people to see any member of their family being tortured.
 The second reason is that euthanasia also can free up medical costs and human resources to help other people. Instead of making them who want to die live and be suffering from their diseases, the medical and human resources can be used for other people whose lives could be saved.
 In conclusion, doctors should be allowed to perform euthanasia if terminally ill patients want to die. We should make sure that they have option to die gracefully and painlessly.