Marriage 05


Are you for or against gay marriage?



 Although some people are against gay marriage, I am for it for the three following reasons.
 The first reason is that all the people have the right to marry someone who they love whether they are gay or not. Banning only gay marriage is unfair discrimination.
 The second reason is that it is not only gay marriage that some people put unfair pressure on. Some people discriminate against single mothers, different social class marriage and so on. So social pressure on gay marriage is not satisfactory and convincing reason against it although some people say it is.
 The third and most important reason is that it is so unfair to not allow only gay marriage. The only difference between heterosexual marriage and gay marriage is gender and whether they can be birth parents or not. Hence if gay marriage should be banned, the government also should ban a single parent and a childless marriage and adoption. However, a single parent and a childless marriage and adoption are all permitted. Therefore it can be said that it is totally unfair and inconsistent to not allow only gay marriage.
 As I mentioned, for the aforesaid three reasons, gay marriage should be allowed.


父親(または母親)が必要だ → じゃあ、シングルマザー(シングルファーザー)は? → シングルマザー(シングルファーザー)が許されるのだから、それは同性愛結婚に反対の十分な理由にはならない