Marriage 04


International marriage



 Some people are against international marriage but I am for it for the following three reasons.
 The first reason is that it is unreasonable to ram their opinion down to everyone’s throat. Some people are against international marriage just because it is different from their sense of the norm. It is simply wrong to impose their stereotypes on other people.
 The second reason is that it will help to eliminate racism. If more people of different races intermingle by international marriage, it will help people to respect other races. As racism is one of the most baneful evil in society and has serious negative effect on people’s lives, it is a real benefit.
 The final reason is that it will help further develop globalization. The increase in the number of international marriage gives people more opportunities to perceive other cultures and it leads people to deepen their insight into other cultures, and consequently, it will promote further world peace because mutual understanding between different countries and cultures and religions is indispensable to world peace.
As I mentioned, for the aforesaid three reasons, I am for international marriage.