Marriage 01


The increasing divorce rate



 Nowadays divorce is rampant. I think that the major reasons behind this tendency are twofold as follows.
 The first reason is that gender roles have been changing in our society in recent decades. The number of women with careers has increased then it is more and more natural for them to be independent mentally and economically. Furthermore many men think housework is a women’s job. Under the circumstances, I think men have to do more housework and women also have to do more housework. Husbands and wives should cooperate with each other in order to make their marriages work out.
 The second reason is that the sanctity of marriage is deteriorating. Lots of people get married too soon and end up being divorced after a short while, and moreover divorce no longer carries a stigma with it. I think before one makes a lifetime commitment, one should know their partner as much as possible.
 In conclusion, needless to say, some will have legitimate reasons to get divorced. But too often, people get divorced for much trivial reasons. At any rate, this tendency is a detriment to our society. So, men and women should compromise and cooperate with each other and consider seriously what marriage is.