Law & Crime 09


How to tackle increasing cybercrimes



 Nowadays, there are a lot of problems online like online fraud and malicious online comments, cyber bullying, etc., and these problems have serious consequences so that we need to tackle increasing cybercrimes. Now I would like to suggest three major solutions to cybercrimes.
 The first major solution is more careful precaution. In this information age, and with the prevalence of the Internet increasing, perception of the importance of personal information and basic knowledge about online security are indispensable. If people learn about online security and become more careful not to leak personal information, the number of online crime will definitely decrease.
 The second major solution is improvement of moral values. Often, the lack of moral values generates online crime. For example, many Korean actors and actresses committed suicide because of online slanderous comments and rumors that are cause by the lack of moral values. Therefore, school should teach more about moral values and media should have more moral values programs.
 The third major solution is establishment of official governmental organization that observes online information and manages people’s IP address. I know this will cost a lot of money and workforce, however harmful and offensive information on the internet has serious consequences. Hence this is worth implementing.
 As I mentioned, there are the aforesaid three major solutions to cybercrimes.