Law & Crime 07


The problems of illegal drug use



 Since many crimes are associated with illegal drugs, and drugs are rampant now, illegal drug use is one of the most imperative problems. Now I would like to mention one major problem and two solutions of illegal drug use.
 The one major problem is detrimental effect on health. Illegal drug use affects human body and brain in many bad ways. For example, research has confirmed that illegal drug use can increase the heart rate and blood pressure, cause hallucinogen persisting perception disorder, and many other malignant effects.
 As for the solutions, the first solution is people’s will. Each individual must have the will to avoid drugs by all means. Some people take illegal drugs to escape from reality. However, even when life gets tough, people have to face reality, instead of succumbing to escapism. Moreover, the government should provide the correct knowledge of illegal drugs because it helps people to avoid them.
 The second major solution is stricter regulation for illegal drug producers and dealers. It is obvious that the implementation of much stricter regulation for the producers and dealers will be an effective deterrent because they are responsible for the prevalence of illegal drugs.
 As I mentioned, there are the aforementioned one major problem and two solutions.