Law & Crime 04


To what extent should public manners be governed by law?



 I think public manners should be governed by law as long as they cause dangerous nuisance to other people. But unless they are dangerous to anyone, they should not be governed by law.
 When it comes to the situation when someone causes dangerous nuisance to other people, for example when someone is smoking while walking on the street, they should be punished by law because they are dangerous and someone could get hurt. It is natural to believe that action that could hurt someone should be governed by law.
 On the other hand as long as they are not dangerous to anyone, for example talking on cell phones on the train or putting up makeup on the train, they should not be punished by law because nobody gets hurt. They are bad manners of course, however they are not illegal and nobody gets hurt, therefore we should excuse them or just warn them.
 As I mentioned, I think public manners should be governed by law only when they are dangerous to someone.