Family 13


My views on parenting



 Although different people have different opinions, I believe that these following things are what ideal parenting should be.
 Firstly, parents should give children unconditional love and acceptance because these are extremely important for children to cultivate self-esteem and self-love.
 Secondly, parents should teach children the difference between subjective opinions and objective facts because the recognition of the difference helps children to respect different opinions and the ignorance of this leads children to have prejudice and to be deluded by any kind of brainwashing.
 Thirdly, parents should provide practical education such as how to maintain health physically and mentally, and how to deal with emotions effectively and heal bad memories and let go of fixed ideas and choose love over fear, and about human relationships and human behavior, and how to find and do what one loves and earn enough money by it, and how this universe works, and how to make oneself happy, and how to create one’s ideal future because these things are essential to lead a happy and fulfilling life.
 Fourthly, parents should let children decide everything because children have the right to choose their future and can be more independent by choosing their own future.
 Fifthly, parents should give as many options as possible to children who do not know what options they have due to lack of life experience because otherwise children’s future and possibility will be awfully limited.
 As I mentioned, these are what ideal parenting should be.


これも、My idea of the perfect familyと同様、今(2011年10月現在)の私が思っている事で、将来変わるかもしれませんね。