Family 12


My idea of the perfect family



 Although different people have different ideas, I personally believe that these following qualities are what the perfect family has.
 Firstly, in the perfect family, one gives unconditional love to each other and accepts the others the way they are and compensates each other’s weaknesses. Unconditional acceptance and love are extremely important to lead a happy life.
 Secondly, in the perfect family, one never forces one’s opinions on the others and recognizes the difference between subjective opinions and objective facts. These are really important to respect different opinions and get along well with each other.
 Thirdly, in the perfect family, everyone learns together the important things in life. In order to lead a happy and fulfilling life, one needs practical education, such as how to maintain health physically and mentally, and how to deal with emotions effectively and heal bad memories and let go of fixed ideas and choose love over fear, and about human relationships and human behavior, and how to find and do what one loves and earn enough money by it, and how this universe works, and how to make oneself happy, and how to create one’s ideal future.
 Fourthly, in the perfect family, regular family meeting is held. Family members can honestly communicate with each other about various subjects at the meeting.
 As I mentioned, these are my idea of the perfect family.