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Japan’s declining birthrates - a national crisis?



 I don’t think that Japan’s declining birthrates are a national crisis for the two following reasons.
 The first reason is that declining birthrates are not necessarily a bad thing. For example, China limits birthrates because the population has been exploded. In some African countries, the birthrates are too high and it has been a problem. The world population has been increasing rapidly so that there are a lot of problems such as lack of foods, water, shelters. Considering these, declining birthrates should not be sweepingly labeled as a bad thing.
 The second reason is that even if the birthrates are declining, it does not mean that the new generation will not grow and Japanese people will extinct. Now that the technology and medicine has been developed dramatically, the death rates of newly born baby has been dropped to 0.4% in 2000 from 15.4% in 1950 and people enjoy much larger life span now. Therefore, although the number of newly born babies has been decreasing, the death rates have been decreasing too.
 In conclusion, for the aforementioned two reasons, I don’t think that Japan’s declining birthrates is a national crisis.